Art / Design, England

Jelly Babies

We decided to get out for some fresh air today and took a long walk from Bond Street through Hyde Park, not totally at random, there were some very specific things we wanted to see and we even had a destination pub in mind. The first thing we had been hoping to find was this set of sculptures by Mauro Perucchetti, a family of jelly babies on a plinth just next to Marble Arch.

I won’t say this was a disappointment, because we both quite liked them but we had expected to see them on ground level and found ourselves wanting to get closer. Public art kept well out of reach of the public, well almost; some people might have made it closer, judging by the misaligned light and the muddy footprints scrabbling up the black plinth…!

Mauro Perucchetti Jelly Babies 1

Mauro Perucchetti Jelly Babies 3

Mauro Perucchetti Jelly Babies 2

Mauro Perucchetti Jelly Babies 4

Mauro Perucchetti Jelly Babies 5


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