Yesterday’s confrontation with the security guard at Bank left me feeling increasingly annoyed and I started wondering if he really had authority over me to remove my pictures. I wouldn’t have given him my shoes if he had told me that I HAD to, so why did I delete the pictures?

I have been reading up a little bit on the rights of a photographer; of course its a complex issue and one that seems to be ever changing. With the removal of section 44, police seem to be applying anti-terrorism laws instead and we definitely need to read a lot to uncover the current truth. However, I have learned two important things…

Banksy CCTV

“Security guards do not have stop and search powers or the right to seize your equipment or delete images or confiscate film under any circumstances. In some circumstances, the police may grab your film or memory cards but they are still not authorised to delete any images.”

And secondly, if you DO have to delete pictures, you can get them back using recovery software freely available on the web provided you follow a few precautionary steps with your card.

I’m a Photographer not a Terrorist
Urban 75

I am not at all argumentative or confrontational as a person, this is only an attempt to understand enough to stand up for myself should a similar thing happen again. If anyone has any advice or thoughts, do feel free to comment below. Sorry this has become rather a wordy post…!


3 thoughts on “CCTV

  1. Guy says:

    Saw this yesterday and felt for you. Didn’t comment because the laws over here are so different, and the laws over with you have changed so much since September 11th. Your reading of the situation above makes sense from what I’ve read. Try undeleting from the memory card if you can, I’d love to see the pictures they tried to censor. It is still unsettling, even if you are in the right!

  2. Unfortunately I have scanned my card a few times now and the photos I was made to delete didn’t appear, shame. No matter, they were nothing special. Lesson learned: carry two cards and use the second if you have to delete something on the first. The images are more likely to be visible to the scan if you don’t take more photographs on the same card after deletion. This time was a little unsettling yes, though not as much as when it happened in Mexico, though that was a little different, those guys have guns. : )

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