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Dave Mwaniki – Covent Garden

After drinks (a few too many Belgian beers) with friends, I passed Covent Garden on route back to the train where I stopped to watch a guy singing a couple of Carole King songs, he was pretty good. His name is Dave and is a regular and quite a favourite here it seems. You can find him on YouTube if you search CoventGardenSinger.

Couldn’t get the colour settings right for these photos so opted for black and white in the end…

Dave Mwaniki Covent Garden 1

Dave Mwaniki Covent Garden 3

Dave Mwaniki Covent Garden 4

Dave Mwaniki Covent Garden 2


4 thoughts on “Dave Mwaniki – Covent Garden

  1. david mwaniki says:

    Hi friend
    Thank you so much. these photo’s look great and thanks for your kind comments.

    I found this just a few minutes ago.

    Thank you

  2. amos says:

    Hi Dave Mwaniki,
    Love your vibe playing guitar when would you next be performing so as I can come and watch you play again? I saw you at Covent gardens and was wondering do you play there often ?

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