The main reason we wanted to visit the Tower was to have the chance to see the Beefeater guards up close and they turned out to be, without doubt, the highlight of our visit. Atsuko wanted to know why they were called Beefeaters and rather than me guess an answer, I told her she should ask them, which she did. The two we spoke to were absolute professionals in ‘chat’ and passionately explained various theories about the reasons why, interspersed with seemingly well rehearsed comedy routine and the odd Japanese greeting.

They were extremely charming and Atsuko left satisfied, deciding that the most convincing of their theories was that the Yeoman Warders would once have been paid in meat rations including mutton, veal and of course beef. Their nickname of Beefeater could also have come from the french word buffetier, one who guarded the king’s food…

There are also members of the Queen’s guard inside the Tower. I particularly liked this shot of one soldier pacing outside his post, followed by an old man marching alongside with a camera.

Tower of London Beefeater 1

Tower of London Beefeater 2

Tower of London Beefeater 3

Tower of London Beefeater 4

Tower of London Beefeater 5


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