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‘Affordable’ Art Fair

Dad was down in London and we all went to Battersea Park, to the Affordable Art Fair. To be honest after (Dad) paying so much to get in, it was a bit of a disappointment. We saw a handful of really nice things, but we had to look through a hall-full of very questionable work.

I was pleased to see 4 paintings by one of my favourite artists, Nguyen Thanh Binh, whose work I saw in Cork Street while I was studying art a long time ago now. Next to his paintings of ballerinas and Vietnamese women, were some really cool Terracotta Warrior models by Liu Fenghua and Liu Yong, decorated with Mao, Obama and Boris. Any deep meaning was wasted on me but I still really liked them, had I had a spare GBP 4,000 I might have picked one up.

We both really liked Ben Buckley’s work, a fresh graphic style incorporating Asian architectural references; Elizabeth Eamer ‘s simple drawing of hands and a collage on timber by Fabrice Thomas… We probably wouldn’t go back to this exhibition another year but it was a treat so see the few works we liked, and of course really fun to spend time with Dad and Lyn.

affordable art fair 2011 1

affordable art fair 2011 2

Affordable Art Fair 2011 9

affordable art fair 2011 5

affordable art fair 2011 4

affordable art fair 2011 6

affordable art fair 2011 7

affordable art fair 2011 8


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