Mexico City Traffic

As I mentioned, I was back in Mexico City for more meetings with our fashion-client. We spent most of our short time in the back of a car, stuck in heavy traffic, being driven to visit various stores and offices. It is quite a good way to see a slice of Mexican life although I would love to get to know the city better, it seems so fascinating. Amongst the colourful streets, we noticed this covered ‘cut and shut’ Beetle that had been dramatically shortened.

People walking between the cars amazed me once again; as well as those selling ice-lollies, cigarettes and newspapers, we saw people with Toy Story dolls, laundry baskets, tables and hat-stands. Perhaps even more amazing were the team of people simply trying to cheer drivers up and the man who was fire-breathing (!) in front of red traffic lights. Unfortunately I missed the moment with the most flames but caught the seconds before, as he wiped the gasoline from his lips as we drove quickly past…

Mexico City Traffic 1

Mexico City Traffic 2

Mexico City Traffic 3

Mexico City Traffic 4

Mexico City Traffic 5

Mexico City Traffic 6

Mexico City Traffic 7

Mexico City Traffic 8

Mexico City Traffic 10Mexico City Traffic 10

Mexico City Traffic 11

Mexico City Traffic 12

Mexico City Traffic 13

Mexico City Traffic 14


2 thoughts on “Mexico City Traffic

    • I love Mexico City but have only been there on 2 rushed work-trips… Really want to wander more with time to take photographs… On our last night this time, we had drinks in CONDESAdf and I loved that area and hope to return to spend more time there…

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