Unexpected Dublin

Early on Saturday morning we flew to Dublin. We had been looking forward to our long weekend for quite a while but had made no real plans to see or do anything other than a couple of the obvious attractions. Our arrival in Ireland was a nice one as I managed to say (a very nervous) hello to the chief exec director of Brown Thomas and Selfridges who was on our flight. I knew him from my work on the Wonder Room and it was lovely that he remembered my face and was very pleasant indeed.

We took a walk and found a simple (and delicious) place for breakfast and began wandering the city shops, markets and pubs. A number of things made us smile throughout the weekend; pub names were a reliable source of amusement, ‘The Hairy Lemon’ and ‘The Times We Live Inn’ were two good ones…

Dublin City Wonderful 1

Dublin City Pub 1

Dublin City Pub 3

Dublin City Pub 5

Dublin City Wonderful 6

Dublin City Wonderful 2

Dublin City Pub 6

Dublin City Wonderful 5


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