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Oh Danny Boy

As I said before, music became quite a feature of to our mini-holiday; we stopped in various pubs over the weekend and saw a couple of really nice, live, informal sessions. I was secretly pleased on Saturday night when a really annoying drunk woman bothered the musicians so much, they finally gave in and played Danny Boy which was an old favourite of my grandad. The song was played beautifully and the drunk woman finally left.

As well as Guinness, we tried a few other different stouts, one at The Porterhouse with fresh Oysters shucked into the brew which was lovely. We are quite sad to be home really, and after all the beer and breakfasts, my diet definitely starts tomorrow…!

Dublin PorterHouse new 1

Dublin Traditional Music Pub 1

Dublin PorterHouse new 2

Dublin PorterHouse new 3

Dublin Traditional Music Pub 2

Dublin Traditional Music Pub 3

Dublin PorterHouse 4


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