Sunday Times – What Are You Wearing?

As I mentioned, Atsuko was featured in The Sunday Times’ feature on the back page of the Style magazine… She always looks at this article and some time ago I suggested that we submit a picture, which we eventually did. Weeks after we had forgotten about it, a photographer emailed out of the blue to arrange a meeting, requesting that she wear the same outfit in the submitted photo. She took half an hour to have a few shots taken by him near her work-place in Angel and wrote a short piece of text for a different person to edit for the final article.

We have both been very excited to see the finished piece and it was purely by chance that we were in Dublin when it was published. We excitably awoke on Sunday to see it in print at last and were so pleased with both the photograph and text. She looks amazing and I am so proud to see her modeling ‘debut’ in the national press!

We hope to get copies of the full set of photographs he took sometime soon so I will update this post at a later date. Thanks to Rick Morris at pushinsky who took the photograph and sent us a copy….

Sunday Times What Are You Waering Atsuko Rick Pushinsky

Sunday Times What Are You Wearing Atsuko Keating 1

Sunday Times What Are You Wearing Atsuko Keating 2

“Whatever you wear, you had better believe in it. Style is about not only how you look, but how you feel — nothing can make people look “cooler” than confidence. I love taking good care of my clothes and love to wear them over the years. Good-quality clothes age nicely, like human beings. Slowly, they become a part of me. I still enjoy my first-ever purchase — a sweater that I bought as a teenager — and I keep finding ways to wear it differently. That “forever piece” they describe in fashion is often already in your closet.

When I wear black, I like mixing materials such as leather, wool, cashmere and cotton. Good-quality black clothing does make a difference. Cashmere softens the hard edges and adds richness. It’s important for me to feel comfortable and functional in my clothes, but without looking too cosy or utilitarian, so good fabrics play a big role in my selection. With so many layered textures, a minimal approach to accessories helps to balance out the look. Having simple hair and make-up emphasises that. On a gloomy day, I like adding bright colours. “


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