Despite seeing the Guinness factory the day before, the drinking was far from over… We enjoyed the visit but the old Jameson distillery was nowhere near as engaging as the Guinness storehouse, partly because of the budget exhibition design and partly because the brand is not as edgy, but mainly because actual distillation was moved from this site over 35 years ago to Cork.

I think the nicest thing I saw in the guided tour was this floor tile with air holes allowing hot (smoke-less) air to dry malted barley from underneath. I liked the colour and functional pattern. The whiskey at the end of the tour tasted great, but of course no better than the stuff in my glass at home.

In the area near the distillery there was an art gallery that was sadly closed as it had one of the most interesting signs I have seen in ages, there was a subtle humour to so many of the things we saw in Dublin which we loved…

Dublin City Wonderful 9

Dublin City Wonderful 10

Dublin Jameson Distillery 1

Dublin Jameson Distillery 2

Dublin Jameson Distillery 3

Dublin City Wonderful 7

Dublin Jameson Distillery 4

Dublin Jameson Distillery 5

Dublin City Wonderful 8

Dublin City Wonderful 6


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