Write, Compose, Pen, Indite

There is something intriguing about writing.  Nothing makes me feel more exposed than writing, yet it fills me up with warm emotions and the world around me starts to form its meaning – it’s simply a magical act.

My love affair with texts started very early.  As a proud “dorky” child I was the most frequent visitor of school library, where I fully indulged myself in reading fictions.  The Japanese translations of foreign books were particularly fascinating – my everyday language sounded somewhat different in those translations, I could feel the enthusiasm of the translator who was eager to tell me about the story from somewhere far away.  The fictional world often stepped in my everyday life and added sparkles and expanded the horizon.  As I grew older those sparkles started to lose bits of miracles but I found myself falling in love with the text all over again when I encountered a new language – English.  Like any other kids in Japan, I was introduced to alphabets around age 14.   The shapes, the sounds and the rhythm of the language amazed me.  It’s like singing! I thought.  I started “compose” English and never stopped.

Writing is very close to talking to myself with great passion.  As crazy as it sounds, I will continue my affair with text and hopefully start sharing the joy with you.


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