Nike 6.0 The Pool

I was lucky enough to get to see inside The Pool today, a BMX ramp-park built inside an old 1970’s swimming pool building in Dagenham, East London. It was constructed for a competition event run by Nike recently and will now be open for just 30 days, after which the building will be demolished to make way for a car-park for the new sports centre already almost finished next door. Apparently it took a small team of guys 6 days to build the whole thing! Amazing; it took 10 days simply to drain the pool!

I didn’t notice a warning online but the Zeal Distribution sessions today were closed to the public, but the look of disappointment on my face must have persuaded the organiser, as he very kindly allowed me to float about in the viewing gallery and take pictures… The (pro and semi-pro) riders I saw today were incredible, I saw some amazing tricks, and I was able to have a chat with a couple of them; such charismatic, interesting guys.

There were school classes run here too and some of the youngsters were really really talented. This is such a brilliant community / sports / design project and well worth the million or so pounds that Nike 6.0 put into this event. What a happy way to end a building’s life….

Nike The Pool Dagenham 1

Nike The Pool Dagenham 7

Nike The Pool Dagenham 3

Nike The Pool Dagenham 4

Nike The Pool Dagenham 5

Nike The Pool Dagenham 6

Nike The Pool Dagenham 2

Nike The Pool Dagenham 8

Nike The Pool Dagenham 9

Nike The Pool Dagenham 10

Nike The Pool Dagenham 11

Nike The Pool Dagenham 12

Nike The Pool Dagenham 13

Have a look at a couple of unbelievable videos here The Full Story and Low Brain TV ….


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