The Turk’s Head Wapping

I walked past this the other day, I am not sure what made me do it but I found myself reading the sign, which turned out to be very interesting.

“Welcome to the Turk’s Head. This former public house has a special history. During World War II it was run by its eccentric landlady, Mog-Murphy, and stayed open all hours for service personnel seeking news of their loved ones. After a vigourous campaign in the 1980s led by Maureen Davis and the wild women of Wapping, the Turk’s Head Company, a charity they set up to improve local life, bought the derelict building from the Council and restored it. The income from the rents of the cafe and studios above pays for charitable activities.”

Told you.

The Turks Head Wapping 1

The Turks Head Wapping 2

The Turks Head Wapping 3

The Turks Head Wapping 4

The Turks Head Wapping 5

The Turks Head Wapping 6


One thought on “The Turk’s Head Wapping

  1. The Wild Women also saved the whole of Wapping from the planned East-West Road in the 1970s, which would have gone right through the middle of Wapping and destroyed the local community. The Turk’s Head would have been demolished as part of this if the local women hadn’t blockaded all of the roads in Wapping.

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