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Ryan Adams – Barbican (Sunday)

I had been waiting a while since the last time I saw him, but Sunday finally came and we went to see Ryan Adams play the first night of his two ‘Acoustic Nightmare’ sets in London.

The fact that this was a no-phones / no-taping / no photography gig really did make a difference; no bright screens to distract from the music. There was a very short burst of photographs as he left at the end of the show, and I took advantage of that, but to sit in darkness for 2.5 hours listening to him play acoustically alone was heaven. Despite a few guitar-tuning issues, the sound in the Barbican was amazing, it shocks me every time to hear just how good his voice sounds and how skilled a guitar player he is.

The acoustic black-metal / spanish-guitar improvised song made us laugh, as did his stories of norway. The two new songs he played were brilliant and I can hardly wait to hear the new album.

Ryan Adams Barbican Sunday 1

Ryan Adams Barbican Sunday 2

Ryan Adams Barbican Sunday 3


Oh My Sweet Carolina
NEW Invisible Riverside
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Why Do They Leave?
New York, New York (piano)
Let it Ride
Carolina Rain
Rescue Blues (piano)
NEW Dirty Rain
In My Time of Need
My Winding Wheel
Bartering Lines
Everybody Knows
Houses on the Hill
Sylvia Plath (piano)
(black metal / spanish-guitar improv ‘Dramedy Lighting’ or ‘The Next Song is Going to be Fucking Amazing’)
Strawberry Wine
– – –
Come Pick Me Up


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