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Ryan Adams – Barbican (Monday)

I think it’s incredible that despite being quite a long-time listener of Ryan Adams, at an acoustic set, old songs can suddenly seem new again. Some were played differently but other songs I simply hadn’t listened to in ages. He’s probably released around 14 albums in 10 years and there is a wealth of unreleased material too, so that’s a lot of songs.

As he flipped through his songbook on-stage, there were a few nice surprises last night, a couple of tracks I never would have dreamed to hear and it was totally different to Sunday, he seemed a little more at ease with things and there was less guitar-tuning.

Many people think I am crazy to see him once, let alone twice in a row, but the chances to see him are few and far between so I am really happy we saw him both nights. People were again pretty respectful of the no-pictures rules through the show, I have just this one picture as he settled on-stage for the encore.

Ryan Adams Barbican Monday 1

Jesse Malin was consistently good, as always. Atsuko has really grown to love him. He somehow really does seem to ecapsulate everything there is to say about New York City.

Jesse Malin Barbican Monday 1


To Be Young
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Damn Sam
Everybody Knows
If I Am A Stranger
Winding Wheel
Invisible Riverside
NY NY (piano)
NEW Ashes and Fire
Let It Ride
Rescue Blues (piano)
English Girls Approximately
Blue Hotel
– – – – –
16 Days
This House Is Not For Sale
(metal song with light effects and cape)


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