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Made in England

Only occasionally do we mention work here and this is a little late but last Sunday night I was in Selfridges with our workshop team to install a set of ‘pop-up’ cabinets displaying Dr Martens’ latest collections of shoes. ‘Pop-up’ simply means that it is a temporary installation and the idea of these was to present the manufacturing process of the boots and highlight some of the key components used in glass display cases.

Drop in and have a look on 1F men’s shoes if you are in town. We went there with Paul Winch-Furness, a brilliant professional photographer, on Thursday so we might have some more pictures soon. Have a look at Checkland Kindleysides’ other projects here.

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 1

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 2

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 3

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 7

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 5

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 4

DrMartens Pop-Up Selfridges 6


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