Fish in Bread

One of the nice things about travel is of course the chance to experience different tastes and foods. We tried many different things in Istanbul but we were surprised at the simplicity and the setting for lunch on our second day. Down at the Galata bridge, just before we got onto our Bosphorus cruise-boat, we sat at tiny stools and had balik-ekmek, a simple but delicious fillet of fish in fresh bread and salad. The Japanese for this is rather cute-sounding; Saba-Sando (サバサンド). Totally fresh and so very delicious.

They actually grill the fish and make the sandwiches on boats that are rocking in the waves like crazy. It amazing to watch the guys calmly cook and serve whilst tipping back and forth so violently.

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 9

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 1

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 4

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 7

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 6

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 5

トルコ Istanbul Bosphorus サバサンド 2


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