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El Bocho

There is a shocking abundance of graffiti across the whole city, but particularly in the Mitte area of East Berlin and while I generally love street art, there was almost too much of it here. There was a lot of good quality stuff but you really had to look for it in and amongst the overwhelming amount of reckless scrawl. It seemed that everywhere was up for grabs, beautiful old buildings, pavements, trains and even the odd car! It’s fascinating that the Berlin graffiti scene appears more rebellious, more about the action than the work and maybe tips the balance away from art, back towards vandalism. I am curious to know if this is just my imagination or if there are logical reasons buried in the history of the city for the way this has developed…

Around every corner was something amazing to find. In one of the graffiti covered stairways, we came across Stokx, a fashion designer’s beautiful workshop selling simple, ultra-durable clothing collection. The designer was there and we had a really nice chat with her. I am actually really tempted by a pair of her Tali Hose trousers.

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 8

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 7

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 1

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 2

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 3

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 4

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 5

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 6

Berlin Street Art Graffiti 9

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 10

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 11

Berlln Stokx 4

Berlln Stokx 1

Berlln Stokx 3

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 15

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 14

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 13

1Berlin Street Art Graffiti 12


2 thoughts on “El Bocho

  1. wow – that’s alot of graffiti and street art. I think Williamsburg, Brooklyn has quite a bit to catch up on! This was my very first ever blog post and I did it on street art but I took a few more pics this morning and will poast later tonight. Berlin sure has taken it to the nth degree – it’s a cool city 😉

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