Give Box

In quite a cool, resisidential part of Berlin, we came across this very unusuaL concept store titled Give Box (Sharing is Caring). Obviously the idea is that you put unwanted items neatly on the shelves or rail, for others to help themselves for free. I don’t know if you have to donate an item before you take something but what a nice idea this is. I think they have a facebook page as well, though I haven’t found it yet…

Berlin Give Box 3

Berlin Give Box 2

Berlin Give Box 1

Berlin Give Box 4

Berlin Give Box 5

Berlin Give Box 6


4 thoughts on “Give Box

  1. My mother told me that the condo where my parents live (in Setagaya, Tokyo) have this and that she’s left and also picked up quite a few things.

    I guess this is much more open to the public if it’s on a street corner. Cheers to them for doing it.

    • Wow, that is really nice. I can easily see it working so well in Japan where people are, on the whole, far more trustworthy and respectful. I used to live in Kamimachi (Setagaya-sen) so I can imagine that area would do Give Box idea – I used to see small amounts of fruits and vegetables for sale outside some houses not far from Kamimachi; you could leave the money in a jar outside and take what you wanted. I love Japan for that honesty.

  2. Hi, thanks for the Facebook page, such an interesting project, it certainly changes the feeling of the community area from an outsider view at least. I don’t have any of my own pictures but I have come accross a few links that sort of illustrate what I mean –

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