Art / Design, England

Jeppe Hein Mirror Wall

On one of the upper floors I came across a completely perfect mirror hanging on the gallery wall, I went nearer to inspect what turned out to be a motion sensor and as I approached the whole mirror began shaking and vibrating. My reflection and the gallery behind me appeared distorted and twisted and the motion was so fast-paced and quite violent that it left me feel almost dizzy, it was quite hard to look at yet at the same time almost impossible to look away! Do go and see this because you cannot imagine the true effect from photographs.









6 thoughts on “Jeppe Hein Mirror Wall

    • Thanks for the comment, actually no.4 was the one I was most uncomfortable with because people were overlapping but I guess I should learn that those ‘imperfections’ can make for good composition. Thankyou for making me rethink this picture!

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