Roman Baths

Both of us had a hectic final few weeks at work but thankfully work is now finished for the year. And quite a successful year it’s been in fact, we are both pretty happy with the relative progress we have made. With my head still a little cloudy from work drinks the night before, we woke early on Thursday and caught a train to Bath for a couple of nights to celebrate my birthday (today).

I must have been here before but don’t remember it being quite this beautiful. We explored the Roman Baths yesterday where there was a shocking amount of incredible history to absorb. While people now understand the earth’s structure in detail, 2000 years ago bubbling hot spring water was presumed supernatural by the Romans; a gift from gods. I suppose I never really thought about how special a place like this must have been back then.

















9 thoughts on “Roman Baths

  1. i was there last winter, and truly fascinated by how beautiful this roman bath is. Thousands of years passed, it’s so amazing the bath water still runs out from the earth and the water is still warm in the winter. your picture really brings me back to that old bath again : )

  2. These are great! You’ve got some beautiful photos. The only time I was in Bath the ruins were closed to the public and I was so disappointed I couldn’t go in but I did make it to Glastonbury. I just did a new page on my blog about Taking the Waters and used some stock photos from Google for the pics of Bath. These are much better.

  3. how2bealady says:

    I’ve been there, too! Bath is an amazing historical place. You’re photos really brought back great memories just now 🙂

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