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New Sightings

Spent the morning in Shoreditch, East London trying to locate the Black Rat Project gallery. We did finally uncover it only to find it closed; why say you are open 10-4 on Saturdays, when you clearly aren’t? : ) At least there was plenty around to keep me entertained, including a few more Pablo Delgado tiny figure spots to add to my previous collection.

It’s funny that there seem to be a lot more shadows than figures these days, people must be pulling them off the walls! Strange that people think of actually stealing graffiti these days but I suppose some works can go for thousands if the artist becomes famous…











2 thoughts on “New Sightings

  1. Tessa says:

    I love all of your graffiti photos!!!! The shear abundance of them recently makes me happy (:
    Especially the Banksy works, I can’t believe that you get to see them in person!

    • I guess maybe your part of the US is a little light of graffiti. There must be some good stuff in SF and LA though, I would quite like to go hunting in both those cities. Thanks for the comment! : )

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