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I make no apologies for the amount of graffiti I am posting at the moment. As I said before, of course it isn’t really allowed but there are parts of the city where it is encouraged and accepted. The quality of the work is staggering actually and it makes the city so colourful, vibrant and constantly changing. Because I have an interest, I check online and go specifically to see certain works only to find them pulled down or painted over by the next brilliant thing. You have to move fast in this city, nothing stays the same for long…

The final work is by artist Swoon, whose exhibition was closed when I eventually found the gallery. Thankfully I saw a lot of her work in the area so I didn’t feel too bad about missing the actual show.













7 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. chadner says:

    These are all quite wonderful! Are they located in London? I really like the last one, too, so I’ll definitely be looking up the artist Swoon.

    I actually just did my own post on some of the street art I’ve documented in my travels last year:
    Of course I don’t actually know who did them or recognize any sort of identifiable styles, but it’s been a fun learning process for sure.

    • Yeah, these are all in East London, Soreditch area. There seems to be an exhibition by Swoon at the Black Rat Project Gallery through the Cargo garden but I haven’t managed to see it it yeat. It may be already finished, I am trying to find out myself. Thanks for the comment, tried your link but the page was missing.

  2. I love the contrast of the pastel and the brighter/denser colors (the first few photos and the purple one) – a unique combination (though I have not seen enough “art” to analyze).

  3. astrid says:

    at least it is very “artistic”, more than some works exhibited in museums sometimes, I would say.
    to avoid the topic about legality of graffiti, just visit Vienna where several legal graffiti walls are available – see at – would be a nice occasion to try also Austrian wine as already discussed with Atsuko 🙂

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