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Walk Stik

Had quite a long wait to get into the Imitate Modern Gallery this afternoon, but those lucky enough to be the first 25 in line had been waiting much much longer. Those that queued from around 11am were able to buy a strictly limited hand-pulled, 3 colour screen print when the gallery finally opened at 6.30pm. I couldn’t help but think those carrying tubes out of the gallery had already made quite a reasonable investment.

We have come across Stik’s charming figures while walking in East London and have been interested to watch as this street artist, once homeless, has grown and grown in popularity. The works on show tonight, in a packed gallery in W1, seemed extremely good value when you consider how many people queued in the rain for the chance to buy. Each work was around the 4k mark, and when I finally got in, only 30 minutes after the doors opened, absolutely everything was sold.













6 thoughts on “Walk Stik

  1. Gail Peck says:

    I’m a big Stik fan as well and have seen any number of photos of him. What most caught my eye in you series of photos was the fact that he’s wearing glasses under those big shades. Thanks for a delightful post.

    • Yes, because of this event, I did actually recognise him wandering in my neighbourhood without his ‘disguise’ on. He’s such a friendly guy.

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