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Three Faces

Just off Brick Lane, on Hanbury Street, is a wall that has attracted some amazing artists over the last few years and it usually has something a little bit special painted on its surface. Currently there is work by Ben Slow showing 2 angered faces of the EDL and Al-Qaeda, that is generating much discussion on the street.

If you look carefully though, there is a third face; a girl (by C215) hidden in the doorway, whose warmth beautifully contrasts the cold aggression of the other two.

The skill shown in much of the street art going on in London these days is unquestionable. As confirmation of this fact, there’s a massive rise in the number of street-art-tours across London and the east areas especially, we saw a few huge groups walking around en-mass. I can’t imagine why you would want to see this public art with a gang of others, nor why you would want to pay anyone to show it to you but hey, that’s just me.







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