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We love Daruma; there are 5 in our London home holding our special wishes. Traditionally, Daruma come without eyes and you paint the left eye making a wish, when you achieve your dream, you can paint the right eye. One of our Daruma happily got both eyes and is watching us gently.

The name “Daruma” came from the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism, Bodhi-dharma. Legend says his legs melted away while he was meditating for 9 years without moving. In Edo period (1615-1868), toy creators put small weights inside of Daruma that became popular as tumble-dolls for kids. Because of that they had also added the meaning of “fall 7 times, rise 8 times”. Now Daruma is loved beyond it’s religious meanings.

In addition to the spiritual connections, I love Daruma for their confident appearance. I can definitely trust them to protect us from any bad luck and danger. When we saw a small shrine inside of Achi Shrine in Okayama, I was so touched and amazed by the sacral air around them. Dozens of Daruma with both eyes welcomed visitors with great confidence.

I hope our dreams will come true…


6 thoughts on “だるま

  1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, Daruma got such an interesting history…very fascinating indeed. Once you get one, you will want another one… : )

  2. Thank you for your comment! You can get a Daruma from many places in Japan but the best ones are at temples. It’s always nice to have a Daruma who is blessed by monks.

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