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Tokyo Reverse Homesickness

…and after the calm and serenity of Shimane and Okayama, we arrived back in Tokyo. Overwhelming in so many ways, I found it surprising that this was once normal for us; the volume of people, the noise and traffic at any time of the day or night. We were both incredibly excited to be back, we get a really different kind of energy from being in this city. We really do get homesick for Tokyo. even on the first night, we were already feeling like we didn’t want to return back to London…






















118 thoughts on “Tokyo Reverse Homesickness

    • I know! I find it hard to look at these shots now because I do miss Tokyo terribly; the streets and all our wonderful friends there.

    • Thanks! Yes there are so many other parts of Japan worth visiting more perhaps but for once I felt like standing still in Shibuya and just letting the camera capture the real feeling of being on that iconic crossing. I enjoyed myself because I had never got any good shots here before, it was always somewhere I simply passed through.

    • Mocha says:

      Japan, Tokyo particularly is an awesome place. I just got back from Japan about 4 weeks ago. Planing to go back next spring.

    • Thank-you – it was your message that let me know what was going on. My email alerts were going mad while I was out with friends last night and I couldn’t understand why.

  1. It’s been 3 years since I left Japan after a year there, and I still get homesick. There’s something about Japan, and especially Tokyo, that makes it unlike any other place that I’ve been.

  2. Nice people shots! I live just outside Tokyo, and I miss it! I haven’t really gone there since last year, just staying in the Yokohama area. I often feel too self-conscious taking people photos. I usually take scenery and building pictures.

    • I am a bit of a shy-photographer too, this was a bit of a new experience for me. I used my fixed 50mm lens for these, it is the most discrete. I also find that actually if you just stand still shooting and relax, people hardly even notice you. You would be surprised.

      • If there’s a big crowd in a touristy area, I find that I have no problems with taking people pictures, as everyone else is doing it. But if I’m the only foreigner or the only person with a camera in a place that isn’t frequented by tourists, I tend to feel a bit shy about it.

    • We would love to be split completely half and half but we are living in London now and we only make it to Japan around once a year for family trips. About 4 years ago we were doing the same thing, only the opposite way around.

  3. It’s strange how big capital cities may have similar qualities (high population, noise etc) but have such different characteristics. Tokyo and Japan in general is definitely on my places-to-visit, I hope I get to experience it all sooner rather than later. Keep up the good work (^o^)y

  4. taraleshdude says:

    No pics of the typical JP woman with X-shaped legs? Nr 1 from top reminds me of one of the episodes of “Babel” from A. Iñárritu, one of the best movies ever

  5. Gakko – ee – na! Tokyo was my home for a decade – lived through the sarin attacks (only by chance was rescheduled and did NOT end up on one of those trains) and many other scares… yet always and still blown away by the resilient strength of the Japanese people ~ not to mention their grace. I too am very homesick for Nippon! Kisses! from Tombo

    ps – your page is beautiful – I am inspired to begin writing again!

  6. Are people in Tokyo ever offended that you take their photos? I, too, am in Japan and see the most fabulous people, but I’m reluctant to take the shot. Perhaps I’m gun shy after visiting other countries where it was most certainly a no-no. In my last post, I did include a security guard playing air guitar, and a group of schoolboys waving. I just love people. Thanks for your photos. The beaded white shoes are so great! And the girls with balloons is the best!

    • You can always upset people if you are too pushy but generally people don’t mind if you are sensitive to people’s personal space.

  7. Great pics of city life. I lived in Seoul for 3yrs and never thought I would want to live in a city with 11million people (that was 10yrs ago), but I missed it every time I left and still do. There is just so much life and energy in certain cities around the world. Will have to visit Tokyo sometime soon.

    • Seoul is my current dream-destination, I’ve never been and I’m longing to experience the architecture and culture. And food of course! Thanks for finding our little blog.

  8. Leah says:

    Even going from Kanazawa to Tokyo is very shocking to me. Ikebukuro was much to the effect of “HOW ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE WALKING HERE.” Love the fashion shots!

  9. Chizzy says:

    The fashion in most of these pics are so nice and simple, and refreshing 🙂 Got me thinking about how fashions differ and compare from city to city. Also, I used to live in Hong Kong, and your pictures made me miss walking around in HK, completely surrounded by Asians 🙂 Great post and congrats on landing Freshly Pressed!

  10. Great photos of Tokyo! There are many who feel that the city life of Tokyo is different from other cities. And I often wonder about how special Tokyo is. Thanks much for posting the photos! They look great!

  11. I miss Tokyo a lot, too. Where I am out west ain’t bad, mind you. But there’s a great charge in the air, all over Tokyo. I think I might go and live there for a month before returning home when I’m done in Japan. 🙂

  12. I know exactly what you mean except it is kind of reversed again. I’m always homesick for Seychelles even though I’m in the UK and that is where I’m from. The first time I touched down in Seychelles I felt I was coming home. Everything about the place was perfect. Probably helps that my wife is from Seychelles but after three trips over there, about a month each, I always find myself missing that easy and slow pace of life – the opposite to Tokyo and moderately so to my home here in UK.

    Thanks for a great post and for inspiring me to write one about my ‘second’ home Seychelles.

  13. pavanscorpio says:

    Tokyo has been one of my fav cities. Very much neo to me :). Love to see your post. Pics are awesome and well taken

  14. Great photos! So much fun looking through your pics. I was in Tokyo last year and these photos really made me wish I were going back soon. Loved checking out all the outfits, and walking through that intersection in Shibuya. Always seems like everyone at that crossing is on their way to something important!

  15. I grew up in Tokyo, and I definitely know what you mean. I feel more at ease and at home in big cities than quiet places with less anonymity. Beautiful pictures – they made me tear up with a wee bit of jealousy. 🙂

  16. Already starting to miss there! I love their fashion sense, they’re such a conservative people in so many ways, but when it comes to fashion, watch out! They’re trend setters!

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