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I deeply enjoy re-looking through the photographs of our travels, and have been long thinking to get some large format prints done of a couple of our favourite Japanese memories so that we can have them around us in our flat. We both especially want images from Matsue and Izumo Taisha around us at home so that we feel more connected to our second home on a daily basis. Click the Japan category on the side menu or our flickr account if you want to browse for yourself; which would you want to have printed and framed?

There is a really nice pro-printing shop around the corner from my office in Clerkenwell that I think would do a lovely job with them. Over the next few days we will be going through them all again to try to make some clear decisions…

Frame Layouts








7 thoughts on “Pro Printing

  1. You’re totally welcome. I’m no expert on equipment in a technical way but I know what I enjoy using. I would recommend the 50mm lens for its affordability and quality, its a great lens to learn with. Great for nature (flower close-ups etc) and portrait pictures.

    Actually I very very rarely use a tripod, simply because the pictures I take are, more often than not, capturing a day on the move. My shots of the Serpentine Pavilion by Peter Zumthor in July 2011 were mostly taken with a tripod because I was asked to do those for a book and I needed to be extra-sure to capture each shot with the crisp sharpness needed for print.

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