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One of the most impressive artists we were introduced to at Frieze was Antonis Donef, an artist living and working in Athens. I loved his works because it is the kind of art I would like to be able to make myself if I were an artist. On the surface, he is an extremely skilled drawer and seems to combine that with a vivid imagination. The largest work we saw, a canvas 5m long, was an elaborate collage of pages sliced from illustrated books that he had drawn over with the most detailed and delicate ink drawings.

The concept below the surface of his art goes much deeper of course, I have since read that the act of ripping and re-ordering these rare and antique encyclopedia pages, is the second key-stage of his artwork, the first being the hunting and gathering of the books in the first place. I personally, got most excited by the third stage, the painting. I really loved how original illustrations from the books were connected and interlinked with his new, delicate drawing. I loved that when you stood back, the whole thing read as a single pattern but close up, the details were so beautiful and clever; it was fun to search for where ‘old’ ended and the ‘new’ began.






photo 2.jpg


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