Since our landlord bricked up the hole in our exterior wall, evicting our parakeet neighbours in the spring, we’ve not seen much of them until very recently. We’ve been hearing their distinctive screeches more and more and I managed to have my camera to hand quick enough to snap one of the three I saw in the tree this morning.

We are really pleased to know that they are still around and while my pictures are not as exciting or varied as before (click here to see pictures from when they moved in), I thought I’d share anyway.







3 thoughts on “Okaeri

  1. Are these escaped domestic parakeets? I had no idea that they could survive London winters. I know that they thrive in CA, USA yet never where real winters occur. I hope that they soon find cavities to live/nest in. OR can they be rescued?

    • DId you click to the older post about these? They are Rose Ringed Parakeets and thrive in South London to the degree that they have become a nuisance apparently. Not for us though, we love them; and they live here very happily it seems.

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