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Maiko-san, Kyoto

While we were walking up the steep streets to Kiyomizudera and indeed the whole time we were in Kyoto, I, like most camera-carriers, was hoping to spot a Maiko-san or Geisha. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with our timings this trip but I was reminded to look back at the photos of a visit we made to the same place in 2005.

I cannot take credit for these, my sister took both photos but I absolutely love them. She bustled her way through crowds of people to get the perfect spot and captured this beautiful Maiko-san perfectly in the split second before she disappeared back into the busy, hot summer streets. I will be jealous of this first picture for many many years to come, I love it…




3 thoughts on “Maiko-san, Kyoto

  1. Emily Jane says:

    These photos are beautiful!! I’m staying here shortly it would be amazing to get a sight like this 🙂 loving your blog btw xx

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