Crystal Clear

There’s an awful lot going on for us right now; not least of which is that we have found a new flat to move into, which is keeping us busy in terms of preparation etc. It’s not so far away but a little bit bigger and slightly more modern and we can’t wait to move over there now, I’ve already started sketching ideas of things we want to make and modify…

Another thing dramatic changing currently is work, maybe more about that another time. I was in Stockholm for a whole 24 hours yesterday and although a super-fast trip (where we saw nothing of the actual city); the hotel we stayed in, the food and views across the icy water made it an extremely inspirational visit. The light had an unusually pure quality that I would have loved to capture with my real camera but this time again, you’ll have to make do with my iPhone shots from Instagram I’m afraid…










3 thoughts on “Crystal Clear

  1. Nice to have you back, Joe. Now tell me, how do you EVER travel without your real camera?? These photos are wonderful, yet lack the true touch of your finger on the Cannon. Good luck with the move…exciting new digs.

    • It was a work thing, so I literally had no time for the good stuff, nor did I have the space in my luggage for a dslr. All these shots were taken on the move, with others all around. And since they now seem to come across so calm and serene, this is proof indeed that, occasionally, the camera does lie…! : )

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