Beyond Distance

One of the places I always figured I would never make it to, was Australia. I had always thought that if I had money enough to travel that distance, I would always choose a place with a more ‘unusual’ or ‘alien’ culture to my own; I guess that says something about my personal curiosity. It isn’t that I have no interest in Australia, quite the opposite, I just always thought it was out of my reach and of course, there could never be the chance to travel that far with work. Would there?

Well yes actually. On quite short notice, that’s exactly what happened. The chance to meet a new client and potentially kick off a new project with a brand all the way over in Melbourne; I jumped at the chance.

We had just four and a half days in the city and only half of one day was free to explore. By the end of that fourth day I was thinking that although we had had some amazing food and met some wonderful people, the city lacked a buzz and energy but when I walked the city alone, I found all the things I had thought were lacking. Below are a handful of random pictures I took whilst rushing through the city. More to follow…













2 thoughts on “Beyond Distance

  1. Great photos and I agree with you about travelling far and travelling to a seemingly uninteresting location. Your photos do show that this city is definitely lively and interesting.

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