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The most exciting cities are those where you can never know what’s around the next corner. Melbourne has a thriving cafe / bar culture tucked off the main streets, through what are know as the lanes and we saw an abundance of diverse activity in the smallest of streets. Passing one of the smaller alleyways, we saw a crowd of people around the entrance and assuming it was because of the street-art, I squeezed through with my camera.

As I pushed through I suddenly realised that classical music was bouncing and rebounding off the graffiti saturated walls and I don’t think I have ever experienced strings in such a dramatic, unexpected place, it was beautiful. The formality of orchestral music seemed at odds with the surroundings and this was one of the many many moments on our trip where I wished we had had more time. I rushed off a few shots and pressed on…










3 thoughts on “Unexpected

    • I have a quite a few more pictures to share, especially street-art related shots I took in the Brunswick district, please come back again soon! : )

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