You’ll have noticed, finding time to update this journal has become difficult so I have created a Tumblr site that automatically compiles my Instagram pictures. I don’t think this means this blog is finished, not yet; I hope I can upload select words and pictures in future.

In the meantime, please bookmark the link HERE and follow our journey through simple images.

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SPA-DE (Space Design) 16 was released the last month and excitingly our copy arrived in the post recently. It’s a bi-annual, bilingual book published in Japan that Atsuko was commissioned to write for over the summer. Asked to review the Serpentine Pavilion by Peter Zumthor in both English and Japanese, she was also tasked to select a photographer to supply supporting images.

Hence, we both got our name in the book…



JK Peter Zumthor Serpentine Pavilion - 2.jpg

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Gradually our photographs have been getting more and more attention. It’s wonderful that we very occasionally get requests for photographs; the latest of which was from Babis Alexiadis, one of the artists from Ron Arad’s Curtain Call installation at the Roundhouse which we featured back in August.

We are very very proud to now have our photographs feature on Babis’ own website, which you can see here at babis-alexiadis.com.