Many of you know anyway, but some may have noticed from the instagram feed on the right hand side of this page that our life has now changed pretty dramatically. Our little girl was born 8 weeks ago, and we are only just now starting to find time again for walks, gallery visits and photography once more.

I’m not planning to turn this into a baby-photograph site but thought I should separate our old life from the new with at least a couple of pictures. She’s a gorgeous little thing; a very good girl (most of the time) and we were able to get out and about yesterday…



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I’m not posting these photos quite in order this time around but there is a reason. On Sunday morning I went to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris. I had planned to visit because I heard it was beautiful; Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison as well as countless famous French artists and poets rest there but despite that, I didn’t have anything in particular I felt I needed to see. It was simply near our hotel, I fancied the walk and thought I might have the chance to take some nice pictures.

Strangely though, despite only having less than an hour to explore over 110 achres, amongst many thousands of plots, I was taking a photograph (third down) and suddenly realised that the grave central to the shot belonged to the Keating family. Such a beautiful structure, I took a few more pictures and without really thinking, stopped for a quiet private prayer.

When I arrived home from Paris later that day, I heard the sad news that an uncle of mine in Ireland had passed away the day before. Today my father is attending the funeral and today I wondered whether my stumbling across a Keating family grave that day in Paris was maybe more than just coincidence. We are both thinking of the Irish side of our family this evening, goodbye Brian.




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Quite deliberately, we don’t often think too deeply about this but like every dual-nationality couple, wherever we are, one of us will always be a long way away from family. As often as we can afford, holidays are used to travel across seas to return home to spend time with mums and dads, brothers and sisters. These short times are cherished and incredibly precious to both of us.

Last week Atsuko’s father and sister travelled hours and hours (at great expense) to see us and we spent a wonderful few days in London together. Although every day was packed and quite exhausting, it was good for me to get to know them better and great for Atsuko to catch up with them properly; it had been a long time. Atsuko and her sister didn’t stop whispering, talking and laughing together the whole time, it was lovely to see them so happy.

Family Visit London A S 2

Family Visit London A S 3

Family Visit London A S 4

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