You’ll have noticed, finding time to update this journal has become difficult so I have created a Tumblr site that automatically compiles my Instagram pictures. I don’t think this means this blog is finished, not yet; I hope I can upload select words and pictures in future.

In the meantime, please bookmark the link HERE and follow our journey through simple images.

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Crystal Clear

There’s an awful lot going on for us right now; not least of which is that we have found a new flat to move into, which is keeping us busy in terms of preparation etc. It’s not so far away but a little bit bigger and slightly more modern and we can’t wait to move over there now, I’ve already started sketching ideas of things we want to make and modify…

Another thing dramatic changing currently is work, maybe more about that another time. I was in Stockholm for a whole 24 hours yesterday and although a super-fast trip (where we saw nothing of the actual city); the hotel we stayed in, the food and views across the icy water made it an extremely inspirational visit. The light had an unusually pure quality that I would have loved to capture with my real camera but this time again, you’ll have to make do with my iPhone shots from Instagram I’m afraid…



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Japan, Travel

Instagram Confession

Considering I brought back well over 4,000 DSLR photographs (!) from our latest trip to Japan, it’s surprising I needed to take more pictures on my phone, I know. Sometimes though, using an iPhone is more convenient, less intrusive and, alarmingly I must confess, sometimes takes better pictures. Even though it’s now basically Facebook, I am quite into Instagram and used it a lot while we were away; I like the square format, the immediacy is good and I find it fascinating to see how others use the app because it is the one time you find yourself on a level playing field, having identical equipment to even the pro-photographers.

If you are also using Instagram, feel free to post your username below, you’ll find me filed under iikkyu



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Art / Design, England

Life + Death

Since Monday is Easter Monday, we braved the outside on a Sunday evening and took the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern to see the Damien Hirst exhibition while it was relatively quiet. It was really really nice to pop out together for drinks and art on a Sunday night.

It would be pointless to start another discussion on whether Damien Hirst is an idiot or a genius, who knows, maybe he’s both. Regardless of whether ethical or not, the skill and science behind many of the works on display is unquestionably incredible. In fact the only thing that shocked us both was In And Out Of Love where live butterflies, hatched from canvases in a humid room, fly among canvases, plants and fruits. The reason it was shocking is because you enter through a room with brightly coloured canvases with dead butterflies stuck into their surfaces. It is literally only now (as I write this) that I realise the live butterflies are totally free to live out their entire natural life cycle and aren’t being stuck to the canvas in front of our eyes as I had thought at the time which we had both found quite upsetting. Tricked again by Damien Hirst…

I used only my iPhone this evening but I was quite pleased with the pictures anyway, so thought I’d share.

Damien Hirst Tate Instagram1

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